Potential Market

The market aimed at with the very low head VLH turbo-generator is that of sites with a net head height ranging between 3.4 and 1.5 m having flow rates enabling the installation of VLH with 9 to 27 m3/s per unit (see the product range). Cost studies for turbo-generator systems indicate that beyond 26.5 m3/s and a 5 m runner diameter turbine it is more profitable to install several machines in terms of electromechanical equipment costs, as well as of civil engineering costs.

It addresses two large markets:

  • Developed countries with a strong hydroelectric tradition.
  • Developing countries having significant hydraulic resources but little relief.

Developed Countries

In Europe and in North America, hydroelectricity has developed in parallel with the industrial revolution and the general economical development. For 200 years a great number of waterfalls have been harnessed or created to meet the needs of mechanical power or hydroelectric power generation. In France, for example, at the beginning of the 19th century there were close to 50,000 water-mills. Nowadays, more than 1,700 low-power hydroelectric plants are operating on the French territory.

Therefore the VLH concept is suitable to be installed on all of the existing dams and channels within its range. It integrates in the urban context as well as in naturally protected areas. Its very low environmental impact makes it the ideal turbine to improve the existing works in developed and densely populated countries. 

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